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Duke and Nancy Kell

Duke and Nancy Kell are educators and authors.  This Yin and Yang duo are partners in every aspect of life.  Residing on the Big Island of Hawai’i, with their two daughters, their passion for knowledge drives their constant creativity. 

Two Ton Productions is a philosophical production company dedicated to producing products of substance that advocate positive social change.

In 1996 Duke started Two Ton Productions to promote concerts, parties, and fight nights across Colorado. 

In 1998 Duke and the company moved to California and expanded into the production side of the entertainment industry. Inspired by some of the Dog pound's home studios that Duke had the opportunity to work at; Two Ton built it's own studio in the garage of the newly married Duke and Nancy Kell. 

Over the next two years Two Ton produced albums for local bands like Nimphonic and Hip hop groups like the Ghost crew. They also produced training video's for the companies Larin and Pac bell and a number of extreme sports videos.

In 2001 Two Ton helped design and build the TV and Radio studios at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamunga. For the next three years Duke was the voice of Chaffey, producing and staring in all Chaffey's radio advertising spots.

The company also worked closely with a number of radio stations and produced hundreds of commercial for a variety of companies.

In 2003 Duke and Nancy decided to change the focus of the company too work on their own philosophical and socially conscious projects.

At this time they began work on "spark" their first feature length movie, "the point of origin" their first fiction novel as well a number of other long term projects.

in 2007 we moved to the big island of Hawaii

In 2010 "The Point of Origin" the first of a three book series was released. Additionally, Nancy began "Aloha Kona Jewelry" using beach finds she creates one of kind masterpieces.

In 2011 "Pearl makes Pono" the first in a five book children's series called "the Pearls of wisdom" was released.

In 2012 "Twisted Ivy" a script was sold to an undisclosed third party.  "Hawaiian Heart" advance review copies of the first in a three book series was printed and sent out for reviews.

Hawaiian Heart was published
The Weed War was published.

2015 and 2016

"The Freedom Files" Published

"Cancer Culture" Published

"Surveillance state" Published

"Gun Games" Published

"Corporate Control" Published

In the spring of 2016 Two Ton Productions began to release all of it's long term projects. 

Currently Working On 


"Chupas" Treatment, Writing 

"Pearls of Wisdom" Book # 2 and #3 Drawing

"Maui's return" graphic novel Editing

"Rise of the blue bloods" release

"Trial Earth" release

"Walk a mile in his shoes" release

Video, film

"Spark" Final audio 

 "The Weed Wars" companion documentary film Release.

"My Life" YouTube series on the channel Through My Eyes Editing

"WHEA TV season 1" 17 episodes about the Connections Project my students did in the 2016-2017 school year. this will be published through the WHEA publishing company, Editing

"WHEA TV season 2" 21 episodes about the Connections Project my students did in the 2017-2018 school year. this will be published through the WHEA publishing company, Editing

"The Soul Warrior's Work Out." Release

Audio Releases

"The Wright Wood Recordings" Bodhi
"Collective thought" Ghost Crew
"This is now" a new album by Duke Kell
"spark" soundtrack




Long term Projects.

Edit and finish the rough drafts for "Hawaiian Heart" series.
Books we are working on. "Spark", "The Athlete", "the God's of Greeley", "In Greed's hand", "DNA", "Zen in the Classroom", "The Soul Warriors Guide to Life".


"the Hawaiian Song's" New songs Duke is working on. 

Aloha Kona Jewelry

  1.  "Custom Wedding Sets"